Investigation / Private Consult

Investigations with Newcastle Ghost Tours. We do have a serious side. Renata has investigated many private sites where owners have had unusual sightings or a sense of a haunting.

We can certainly help ascertain what might be happening and what could be causing the anomalies.

Sometimes it can feel as though you are making things up in your head or when you hear and feel unusual activity that just cannot be explained. There can be many reasons for unexplained phenomena and each case has to be treated individually, with care and respect.

We provide a service where you can call us for a confidential discussion about what you are experiencing. If you feel you need a consult on site two members of the team will come out to see you.

Maybe we can sort things out on the spot, but if you need a more detailed investigation we will discuss further charges and what we can do for you.

There is a cost for producing a detailed report for you, listening and interpreting EVP’S and videos. This also includes our time in researching and consulting with other relevant professionals if required.

Not everything can be blamed on paranormal activity and getting peace of mind is priceless.

You can expect total confidentiality, a professional, psychic and scientific approach to your enquiries.

Contact Renata Daniel

Mobile: 0411 357 519

Investigation Process

(The process may vary as each situation is unique)
  • Initial detailed phone interview (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Preliminary walkthrough and/or face to face interview with two Newcastle Ghost Tour team members
  • Historical research and Background Property Check
  • EMF Radiation Survey of the property – EVP, Video and Still Camera. Medium and/or Psychic will be present
  • Documentation and Discussion of data identified
  • Subsequent Targeted Investigation – Vigil Style if necessary (additional costs will be incurred depending upon requirements)
  • Conclusion Meeting to discuss findings. Includes consultation on steps to cope with or mitigate the activity (if client wishes)
  • Follow Up with client in months time with client

Paranormal Counselling

Renata Daniels is a Trained Counsellor with VETAB Accreditation

Counselling sessions can help you work through issues that may be stressing you or have left you feeling vulnerable, unsafe or scared when it comes to paranormal experiences.

Remember your story is unique and real to you.

Are you experiencing unusual phenomena that do not fit with your understanding of the world? Voices (clairaudience), Visions (clairvoyance) or oddly meaningful coincidences (synchronicity)?

I can help you. Spiritual emergencies and paranormal experiences are a different  phenomena and can be very disconcerting, nonetheless. 

If you have concerns, do not hesitate to voice them for fear that it is not appropriate to do so in the psycho therapeutic setting. As a counsellor, I am here to listen. I believe you and will help you understand what is happening. I can offer recommendations but will not diagnose nor give you definitive answers either way.