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Newcastle’s Original Ghost Tour Est 2010


Shhh… Did you hear that?

Mischief, malice, mayhem, murder …The dark history of Newcastle still haunts every corner, alley way and historic building of the second oldest township in NSW, Australia. You can almost hear the clank and groan of convicts working in leg irons  in the underground mine shafts in the settlement.


The poor rations and daily floggings – hopelessness in a ”hell on earth”. You had to be tough to survive…

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Our Spooky Tours


HISTORY, HERITAGE and GHOSTS. If you are curious about the story of early Newcastle  we will show you the sites where it all happened and you just never know which old soul might turn up while we are walking around.


Tocal Homestead


Investigation Experience

Newcastle Ghost Tours returns to Tocal Homestead after 10 years.

This homestead will leave you amazed the moment you walk through the doors – history and the ghosts of the past residence permeate every corner and you will want to spend time in the rooms trying to make a connection using some of the latest paranormal technology.

What were the two gruesome kills that happen on Tocal in the 1800s – one during a drunken fight between convicts in 1837 and other, that os a nameless headless stockman in 1874.

You will certainly feel the spookiness touch you within these walls.


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Lindesay House


Investigation Experience

Lindesay was the first major house to be constructed at Darling Point in Sydney and some of its early residents were very colourful and important members of early Sydney society. Built in 1834-36 it was built for the colony’s treasurer Captain Campbell Drummond Riddell.

Many families came after and added to the house but what, for us may be the most interesting, is downstairs in the oldest areas! Turn off the lights and you can just hear the footsteps, the noise and chaos of the busy household and the energy pushing past you.

Upstairs you will be surrounded by the grandeur that was upper class society – and these spaces certainly offer you a different vibe. 

We invite you to investigate the house with us in crafted experiences both upstairs and downstairs. Does anyone remain to oversee this magnificent property? What shall we discover and find out for ourselves about the early lives of the resident of Lindesay?


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Stroud Ghost Hunt


Paranormal Experience

Join us for a spooky night out in historic Stroud in the Hunter Valley.

First stop – Stroud Court House. 

As we take up our spots we will see who comes through once we call in the ghosts. Will it be one of the magistrates or a felon? Will the McAskill’s be waiting for vengeance and will they speak to us from their grave as we walk through the gravesite?

Who still lurks in the darkness of Quambi House? Not only does he site hold so many secrets but it is filled with the memories of so many people – are some of the items in the house now haunted too?


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Grossman House


Investigation Experience

We are back at Grossman and Brough Houses on Church Street, Mailand. Grossman House and Brough House are historic sites. Originally private homes, these buildings were later used as a girl’s school and boarding house. 

Do ghost lurk inside? Who are the hosts of place here? Are they residents, residual, intelligent or poltergeists? We have had experiences with all of the above! Why don’t you come and find out for yourself?


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Wollombi Ghost Tour


Wollombi Ghost Tour


Paranormal Experience

Take a journey back through time and venture inside some of the old haunts of Wollombi Village. Listen to the stories of early settlers and their emotional lives in such a harsh and lonely environment. We head inside the old Courthouse Museum and visit St Michael’s Church. Both sites are the chosen spots for us to get hands on with paranormal equipment and do some investigating.

Are these sites haunted with memories of the past? Let’s find out! Will any soul want to reveal stories about themselves? How are the people at the Courthouse engaging so intensely with our participants? Who are these spirits? Let’s ask more questions – Are you ready?

We get lots of touching and shadows appearing inside the rooms during our vigils. Then at the Church we have extended spirit box sessions with real time conversations with some interesting results! 


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Miss Porter House Ghost Tour Newcastle


Miss Porters House


Investigation Experience

Can YOU sit still in the darkened room of a real haunted house? An evening at Miss Porter’s House is the perfect next step for those ready to get serious about wanting to experience paranormal investigating.

This tour is focused on giving participants a more hands on experience of  investigating with sessions that will teach you about vigils, doing EVP’s, using a spirit box and some old fashioned spirit communication techniques.


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Old Dubbo Gaol Ghost Tour


Old Dubbo Gaol


Paranormal Experience

Join us to explore and investigate everything that might be spooky and slightly scary at DUBBO GAOL. Expect to be out of your comfort zones, as you take on the role as Ghost Hunters for this one night paranormal experience. 

This tour is suitable for beginners as well as those that have done ghost tours before. Let’s all see what we can find behind that closed and locked doors of DUBBO GAOL.


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Haunted Tales of Newcastle

If you have never done a ghost tour and want to experience something not too scary – Haunted Tales of Newcastle is perfect for you.  There is no guarantee you will see a ghost, but we guarantee that you will learn about the epic story of Newcastle and hear loads of historic ghost stories.

Tours will be available most nights but MUST BE BOOKED beforehand.


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Maitland Goal Ghost Tour


Maitland Gaol


Ghost Hunting 101

Learn the basics on how to use the K2 meters and voice recorders. You’ll experience a vigil, an era cue, use a spirit box, and have time to chat, talk about experiences and discussions on the topics of ghosts, poltergeists and residual and intelligent hauntings.

Try it out as you hunt for ghosts across the site and in the cells, you even have the opportunity to do some investigating on your own.


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Ghost Tour Newcastle


The Residence Maitland Gaol


Investigation Experience

Never before has ‘The Residence’ at Maitland Gaol been available for paranormal investigations. This limited time opportunity gives you access to ‘The Lieutenant Governor’s Residence’, built in the 1800s and is a real haunted house !

Maitland Gaol has partnered with Newcastle Ghost Tours, to offer a special opportunity to access this building and search for paranormal activity. This experience will only be available for a strictly limited time, as the building is slated for redevelopment.

The Residence experience involves some advanced technologies and paranormal techniques, so is great for return ghost hunters and serious first timers.


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