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Maitland Gaol

Duration: 2 Hour Investigation

Ghost Hunting 101

This is a perfect first experience for anyone interested in ghost hunting. Test yourself at a site know as one of the Most Haunted Places in New South Wales!

Hear stories about inmates, and take part in a silent vigil. You also have the opportunity to use equipment from Oz Para Tech. Why not try to capture your own EVP. This night is not about scaring you but giving you a taste of how investigations are often conducted.

This tour is an after dark experience. giving you an opportunity to explore the many areas of the Gaol on a guided tour.

Location: 6-18 John Street, East Maitland NSW 2323

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Miss Porters House

Duration: 2 Hour Investigation

Perfect Paranormal Experience

Inside, it looks just like the type of house your grandmother would live in. In fact it is a house where women once lived – and the ladies still make sure that the house is safe and protected by their energies.

We provide a respectful and safe environment where will will take care of you and especially the house and its custodians. Bring a group of friends for a private event (birthday/girl’s night out) or join our next ghost tour night at Miss Porters.

You will have the opportunity to see and use Ghost Hunting Equipment provided by Oz Para Tech and explore how to tap into your psychic potential with Newcastle Ghost Tours

Location: 434 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

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Wollombi Ghost Hunt

Duration: 2.5 Hour Investigation

Take a Journey Back Through Time

Listen to the stories of early settlers and their emotional lives in such a harsh and lonely environment. We head inside the old Court House Museum and visit St Michael’s Church. Both sites are the chosen spots for us to get hands on with paranormal equipment and to do some investigating – are these sites haunted with memories of the past?

At the Church we have extended spirit box sessions with real time conversations with some interesting results. We end up at the cemetery (no pun intended) for a walk around to explore the old headstones filled with the names of local people and we will pay our respects by laying flowers.

We allow two and a half hours – but if something is happening we will stay around to experience it!!! 

Location: 2896 Wollombi Road, Wollombi NSW 2325

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Grossman Brough Houses

Duration: 2 Hour Investigation

Do Ghosts Lurk Inside………

Originally private homes, these buildings were later used as a Girls School and Boarding House. Do ghosts lurk inside? Who are the ghosts of place here? Are they residents, residual, intelligent or poltergeists?

Grossmann House was built in 1870-71 by the merchant Isaac Beckett. It adjoins Brough House, built as a mirror image by Beckett’s business partner, Samuel Owen. It is interesting to note that the main entrance to each residence is originally located on opposing sides rather than at the front, to give a degree of privacy for the owners – although the two families shared a common laundry.

We have two houses at our disposal with very focused investigation experiences seeing us use as many spaces within the two buildings that will be available to us.

Location: 71 Church Street, Maitland NSW 2320

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Stroud Ghost Tour

Duration: 2.5 Hour Investigation

Walking Tour in Historic Town

Our first stop as part of the Stroud Ghost Tour is the historic Stroud Court House. As we take up our spots we will see who comes through once we call in the ghosts. Will it be one of the Magistrates or a felon?

Moving through the graveyard, we then arrive at Quambi House. Who still lurks in the darkness of Quambi House? Not only has the site hold so many secrets but it is filled with the memories of so many people – are some of the items in the house now haunted too?

What might you encounter during our silent vigils in this space?

Location: 61 Cowper Street, Stroud NSW 2425

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Mountain Maid Mine Gloucester

Duration: 3.5 Hour Investigation

Night Time Exploring the Township

Come with us as we explore Copeland Tops State Conservation area and the township of Gloucester on a ghost hunt like no other. We hope the dark doesn’t scare you!

On this tour you will firstly visit the Gloucester Museum to see artifacts and learn about life during the gold rush. Silent vigils will help us find out if some of the museum pieces can act as trigger objects to attract spirits and some, well, may well be still possessed with the energies of their owners.

We then hop back into our cars and take a twenty minute drive out to the Mountain Maid Mine site meeting in the car park (Mountain Maid Track, Copeland). This is in the National Park – deep into the woods we go!! It’s dark – it’s spooky – it’s fabulous!! Please Note – we cannot enter into the mine

Location: 12 Church Street, Gloucester NSW 2422

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Haunted Tales of Newcastle

Duration: 2 Hour Investigation

Discover the Old Haunts

f you have never been on a ghost tour before and would like to experience something not too scary…..Haunted Tales of Newcastle is perfect for you. 

Discover the oldest haunts of Newcastle in this two hour walking tour as we discover the oldest part of the settlement of Kings Town, where the first white men were either convicts or military and the last ruled.

Ghost stories abound, and even now people will say that they see weird apparitions sliding through their rooms and disappearing through the walls. Each corner of this part of town seems to have its own ghosts.

Location: 1 Bond Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

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Old Dubbo Gaol

Duration: 2 Hour Investigation

Spooky & Slightly Scary

This is NOT a night of telling the history of the Gaol or night of ghost stories

We will be loaded up with the newest of Ghost Hunting equipment from Oz Paratech to demonstrate ghost hunting techniques and experiments. We try to get in touch with the ghosts that call Old Dubbo Gaol their home. (On our last tour we experienced people being touched, lights going on and off, shadow figures and personal experiences around the gallows area).

We will put you slightly out of your comfort zones. You WILL BE Ghost Hunters for this one night. This is for beginners as well as for those that have done ghost tours before.

Let’s all see what we can find behind that closed and locked doors of Old Dubbo Gaol.

Location: 90 Macquarie Street, Dubbo NSW 2830

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