Newcastle Ghost Tour offer amazing and informational experiences on our tours, but we CANNOT AND WILL NOT provide guarantee of ghostly activity with any tour.

Ghosts will only come through when they want to.

Of course, Renata & the team at Newcastle Ghost Tours will do our utmost though to take you to places known to be haunted and to give you the best “unliving history” time possible!

You will learn definitely learn a lot about our haunted past and hear stories about ghosts, murders and our amazing convict history.

We certainly won’t be trying to scare you or create a situation where you will be purposefully frightened.

We are paranormal investigators and researchers and we take our ghost tours seriously.

But it is also about having some fun and trying something you may never have done before, and we will undoubtedly show you a good time while exploring the old haunts of Newcastle!

Kind regards,