As night falls let’s explore the Gloucester township on a Ghost Hunt like no other

Frightfully Good Paranormal Ghost Hunt

Mountain Maid Mine Gloucester Tour Details

Maximum Number of People: 15

Minimum Age: 16

Cost: $85 AUD per person (no discounts)

Time: 7pm until 10.15pm

Meeting Place: 12 Church Street, Gloucester NSW 2422

Required: Covered In Shoes, Long Pants & Small Torch

Mountain Maid Mine

Newcastle Ghost Tours and Frightfully Good  takes you into the Copeland Tops State Conservation area and the township of Gloucester on a ghost hunt like no other. We hope the dark doesn’t scare you!

Gold was first discovered at Copeland in 1876. People came from everywhere once the word got out and soon the population exploded to 1,100 inhabitants with three pubs and 4 stores turning the area into a scene from a wild west movie.

On this tour you will firstly visit the Gloucester Museum to see artifacts and learn about life during the gold rush. Silent vigils will help us find out if some of the museum pieces can act as trigger objects to attract spirits and some, well, may well be still possessed with the energies of their owners.

Watch out for the REM POD activity – it can be wild!!!

We then hop back into our cars and take a twenty minute drive out to the Mountain Maid Mine site meeting in the car park (Mountain Maid Track, Copeland). This is in the National Park – deep into the woods we go!! It’s dark – it’s spooky – it’s fabulous!!

You will have guides who will take you in to three areas to experience specific ghost hunting techniques to connect with the ghosts of the site.

We will explore an old historic building where miners stayed overnight in the last years of the working mine site and get up close and personal to old machinery, calling out to the ghosts amongst the over grown tracks as the world of the miners opens up to us using portal devices.

Can you still hear their voices and the noise of the rock crushing machines? We cannot enter into the mine but we will come to the entrance in small groups and listen in with bionic ear devices. Who may still be down in the Mountain Maid Mine?

Mountain Maid Mine Gloucester COVID-19 Guidelines

  • All tour guests will be required to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • If you feel at all unwell (or have been in contact with someone who is not feeling well) leading up to or on the day of your tour, please follow government guidelines regarding isolation and do not come in for a tour. (Please be aware that these standards will be applied to our guides as well and may result in your tour being rescheduled.)
  • Contact us should you require additional information