Stroud Tours are ceased till further notice due to COVID 19 

Stroud is only an hour out of Newcastle – an easy trip out past Raymond Terrace.

Founded in 1826 by the Australian Agricultural Company (AAC), Stroud is the nation’s oldest surviving ‘company’ town.

paranormal investigator australiaA gated community in early times, it still has at its heart four significant buildings erected by the company to form the towns’ educational, social and religious hub. These buildings remain today as a living, working memorial to the convict and free settlers who built Stroud and helped found corporate agriculture in Australia.

The ghosts of Stroud are anxious to talk to us again.
The convicts, the rich and wealthy and the poor landowners one and all have been heard through the spirit box and on EVP’s.
It seems they all still haunt the town equally.
Let’s see what we can uncover as we explore the Court House, the Cemetery and Quambi* House all in the main street.

*Quambi is our jewel here as it have never had electricity nor running water – making it PERFECT for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

We meet at 61 Cowper street at the Court House (just across from the hotel)