Torchlight tours of West Wallsend Cemetery are now available by appointment to small groups.

These tours will commence at 5.30pm to 8.00pm (winter time) on Sunday evenings and will take you from twilight to seeing darkness fall as you explore this site learning about its history and some of the characters whose last resting place it has become.”Westy” cemetery was the first established general cemetery in the Lake Macquarie area (having no specific religious denominations).  It has many examples of marble and granite heritage headstones from the late 1800’s to this day.  Generations of pioneer West Wallsend Colliery families are buried here.

Join us as the last rays of sun dip behind the mountain and learn about the gravedigger whose spirit still oversees the goings on of the cemetery, visit the grave of an early convict buried there and much more.

Our early settlers were a superstitious lot – a lot of rites and rituals about death and burials came with them from their country of origin.

* Some of these superstitions will be explored.

* Learn about the different headstones at this cemetery and their meanings.

* Learn about early burial rites and the Victorian era’s obsession with death.

Tour time: 5.30pm start (available dates on application)

Cost: $35 per person ( min 4 people required)  

Meet up: Cemetery Gates at West Wallsend – drive down the dirt track on Cemetery Road.              

Call Renata  mob: 0411 357519 or email [email protected] for any future group bookings and all enquiries.

NOTE:  Only the oldest of grave sites are visited. No videos permitted and taking of photographs is limited to the oldest grave sites out of respect. We expect the highest levels of respectful behavior while on tour. NGT has permission to be on site and notifies the local cemetery committee that oversees the site of our tours when they are booked. No alcohol or smoking permitted on site.

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