Victorian Seance

This is a very private and special evening that will take you back to the 1850’s to experience a Victorian Seance and spirit communication.

The creation of this experience was inspired by my fondness for the Victorian era of Britain and my fascination with the Spiritualist and psychical research movements of the same era.

It’s my hope that this evening will attract open-minded people willing to challenge themselves in our experiments in physical mediumship (along with other paranormal research activities).


Only open to small intimate groups of 4 to 5 people you will be offered an opportunity to be hands on as we attempt to bridge the gap between the living and those in spirit.

This is strictly for ADULTS ONLY (no exceptions)


Cost is $65 pp paid via PayPal and paid in advance with no refunds for non attendance.

We would love you to experience this wonderful and spiritual evening in a very safe and monitored environment. Your sitting will be overseen by two very experienced women who have been using these methods for many years.

This is not a night of fear or disrespect – that’s not how we roll. No ouija boards will be used during these sittings.

This is a most uplifting and spiritual experience and we are very excited about offering this to you.

ONLY FOR THE SERIOUS with good intent!


If you are ready contact us ONLY via email at [email protected] asking about our Victorian Seance nights. Bookings taken for Monday and Tuesday nights ONLY.          




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