Haunted Tales of Newcastle Ghost Walk

Tour Time: 2 hours

Cost: $40 per person (children $25 *)

Start time: 8pm to 10pm

Public Tour dates for 2019  – Wednesday, Friday or Sunday nights subject to availability – please email Renata at [email protected] to enquire.                                                                                                                         

Private Group bookings are welcomed (4 or more people) thus making the tour exclusive for your group only. 

Meetup: Customs House, Watt Street Newcastle

*This is the only tour we currently provide that allows children (aged 12 to 16*) to take part.

If a big dose of history mixed with lashings of spooky stories is your idea of a good night out then call me to join this tour!

Our very own ghost tour of some of the most haunted sites of Newcastle! Are you ready for it? Intrigued to hear our stories and our history? It’s like opening a Pandora’s box – unique, hard to believe and amazing.

For all bookings and enquiries call  mob: 0411 357519 or email us at: [email protected]

Have you ever been on a tour where there were just too many people to hear the guide, or get to ask a question?

Did they go too quickly or were there people on the tour that really just weren’t into it? These traditional street tours have something for the ghost believer and skeptic alike.




Although there is no entry into any buildings on the tour we focus exclusively on the East End of Newcastle, visiting a number of ‘haunted’ places with a long history going back to the convict era. You may experience nothing – but you may also experience something extraordinary! We cannot guarantee you a ghost but we do guarantee that you will learn about the epic story of Newcastle.

Who may like to try these tours?

If you have never done a ghost tour and want to experience something not too scary – Haunted Tales of Newcastle is perfect for you. This tour is run in the same way as most of the advertised ‘street style ghost walks’ that you will find world wide. The walk is slow and paced without too much difficulty and runs in most weather conditions except heavy rain.sure that you are not rushed and all of your questioned are an

All enquiries on 0411 357519 to see if we can arrange something to suit you. 


A percentage of all of our tour charges goes back to the community!

We continue to make generous donations to help with the immense expense of keeping these historic sites in order and well maintained for our enjoyment and for that of future generations.

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