Richmond Vale Rail Museum

Richmond Vale Railway Museum is a site well known for its ghostly spectres that have been seen by many visitors.

In 2017 the site suffered from bush fires that destroyed a portion of the track and some of its precious heritage items. We are so happy to be conducting tours on the site in 2018 and thus helping to bring more people to experience our rich mining and rail history.

Our evening will focus on the main mine manager’s building and surrounding area with a 2 hour investigation which will include a short train ride in a ‘haunted carriage’ on part of the railway track still in operation.

You can click on the link here to book in.

Cost is $60+ booking fee per person.

Saturday June 23rd – 7pm to 9pm (tickets on sale now)

Saturday August 25th – 7pm to 9pm

Saturday November 10th – 8pm to 10pm

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